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Pregnancy Burlesque

This is a long blog post that honestly shares my feelings and experiences as a burlesque performer going through her first pregnancy. I’ve broken this post down into different sections: Gallery A Synopsis on the Pregnancy Experience The Burlesque Pregnancy Victory List Burlesque Gets Administrative or “This is How I Spend My Time Now” Each

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Have you guys heard Jason Derulo’s “Wiggle?” Most people have. It’s not the most amazing song, but I’ve used it for warm-ups in classes just because it’s got a soft rhythmic beat, is about booty-wiggling, and is easy to come up with an easy combination to that using it during class time (or at home)

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Cheap Thrills

  Burlesque on a budget! Variety store variety acts! It’s craftacular! This burlesque + variety show showcases 9 performers who accepted the challenge of developing acts on a shoestring budget: either $15 or $35 (and if you know burlesque performers, you know that’s less than their typical rhinestone budget!). They’ll be performing these craftacular acts,

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Dave May Photographics

SQUEEE! I just got some great shots from Dave May ( from the Atlanta Burlesque Photographer’s guild some months back. You’ll recognize the outfits. I’m loving my Jane Fonda look. I need to get her hair long and swooshy.

Ke$ha’s “Take It Off” Class Time

So many things have happened, like Southern Fried Burlesque Festival, and I have neglected my duties in reporting how much fun I’ve been having. I wanted to share a video of a recent class that involves a mini-burlesque crash course, the Coquette Way. My coquettish burlesque style involves a lot butts, body part slapping, and

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A unique short produced by Gonzorific Punk Cinemas and brought to you by Weaselhaus, “Rubberneck” reflects on what it is like to listen to conversations out of context. Many thanks to Andrew Shearer, who is endlessly encouraging in my wacky ideas, and to my ever wonderful and beautiful friend Xtina who puts up with me

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EG Image Photography

You have probably seen a couple of shots of me by Kevin Godfrey, creator if EG Image photography, throughout my website. Kevin is a very fun photographer to work with. He has his own lovely studio cozied up in the mountains of South Carolina. I recently did another shoot with him with the intent to

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Hearts Ablaze: Vices and Valentines

Hearts Ablaze Entertainment last night set my heart on fire with their phenomenal Valentine’s Day production, “Vices and Valentines.” The show gave you an introspective look on the types of vices we all indulge in- or most of us anyway- using the of course everyone’s preferred medium of choice (hint: it’s burlesque). The show was

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