About Coquette

“And now introducing that binational babe… with that petite derrière extraordinaire… Coquette de Jour!”

Photo by Marc Turnley

Photo by Marc Turnley

Performer, choreographer, model, and actress–Coquette de Jour’s versatile background in theatre and dance has been her main asset since she began burlesque in 2011.  Her dance career proceeds this for nearly a decade, however. With Egyptian, Turkish, and American bellydance training, followed by heavy hip hop and modern influences, Coquette’s burlesque acts are often filled with theatricality, variety, and a significant amount of muscle control.

Coquette’s roots are binational, with family from the USA and from France.

Beginning with Effie’s Club Follies as a malfunctioning robot, Coquette has had the pleasure of working in the Athens and Atlanta areas with several troupes and producers of the local burlesque community. She has had the delight in being a part of Sadie Hawkins’ Last Pasties Standing and Cheap Thrills; worked with Hysteria Machines in their production of Sexpelliarmus and Gotham: A Tale of Two Faces; and performed and taught at the Southern Fried and Smoky Mountain Burlesque Festivals.

Coquette has the pleasure of working with Gonzoriffic, Athens’ independent underground cinema that creates progressive and empowering roles for women in film. Coquette’s been in films such as Pajama Nightmare, Dead Stuff, some of the Christmas specials, and others.

Coquette de Jour is also the founder and director of Bump & Grunge Burlesque, Athens first burlesque studio. She teaches classes for the burlesque-curious and burlesque choreographies of varying level and experience.

Coquette’s teaching philosophy focuses on individual development, so her teaching style is often informal and varies in experience. She believes in finding and establishing a foundation, then adding to the foundation for continual learning. Her main focuses when teaching are choreography, improvisation, theatricality, and ensemble.


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