Schedule your season accordingly and check back periodically for updates!


3/16/18- Effies Gets Sprung at the 40 Watt in Athens, GA




6/30/18: Cake Party!
6/16/18: Effie’s Club Follies Show
4/21/18: Boybutante Ball
2/17/18: Secret City Lonely Hearts Beta
08/17-18/18 – Golden Legends Champion Challenge Showcase in Denver, Colorado
10/20/18 – Last Pasties Standing
11/03/18 – Effie’s Club Follies Last Burlesque Show on the Left
12/8 – 9/18- Savannah Burlesque Festival


12/30/17: Mammoriam by Bump & Grunge Burlesque
10/7/17: Effie’s Club Follies Beauties and Beasts
9/14-16/17: Second Annual Smoky Mountain Burlesque Festival
8/10-12/17: Burlesque Burlesque Burlesque! Festival
6/24/17: Sizzling Summertime Burlesque
4/1/17: Effies Club Follies Fool’s Gold
4/14/17: Shamelessly Hot Salon’s Spring Fling
4/22/17: Boybutante Ball: Peace Love and Hair
3/17/17: Sex Ed Burlesque hosted and produced by Bettie Bullet
2/25/17: Secret City Lonely Hearts Beta


12/16-17/16: Savannah Sweet Tease Revue’s Beauty and the Beat
12/30/16: Mammoriam: Celebrating Artists and Inspirations with Our Boobs by Bump & Grunge Burlesque
11/18/16: Speakeasy Electroswing– Headliner @ Red Light Cafe
11/19/16: Cheap Thrills! @ Red Light Cafe
11/21/16: Electric Glitterland @ Smith Olde Bar
10/8/16: Effie’s Club Follies: Drawn This Way at the 40 Watt Club, 9pm
9/3/16:  Dragon Con Burlesque: A Geek Glamour Review
9/15-18/16: Smoky Mountain Burlesque Festival: Website and Facebook
Performing at “Beaus and Tarts Not From These Parts” showcase
7/13: Savannah Sweet Tease Burlesque Revue at the Globe in Athens
5/21 & 23/16: Hysteria Machine’s Sexpelliarmus, Part III
3/19/16: Effie’s Club Follies’ Story Time Show, at the 40 Watt Club
02/20/16: Lola LeSoleil at The Globe, Bump & Grunge Burlesque’s second production featuring recently crowned Queen of Southern Exposure.


12/12/15: A Night With Talloolah Love, Bump & Grunge Burlesque’s very first production, featuring the Queen of Subtle T’s herself!
11/7/15 and 11/9/15: GOTHAM: A Tale of Two Faces burlesque show at the Shakespeare Tavern
11/21/15: Effie’s Club Follies History Show at the 40 Watt in Athens, GA
11/28/15: Speakeasy Electro Swing: Athens Invasion @ Red Light Cafe
10/30/15: Grotesque Burlesque with Secret City
8/13/15: Athens Pride Parade- Go to downtown Athens and watch me with the rest of Effie’s Club Follies participate in Athens’ Pride!
8/14/15: Athens Showgirl Cabaret with Effie’s Club Follies. Facebook event here!
6/6/15: Tiki Zombie CD Release Party. See Miss Mongoose shamble about as an undead hula dancer while Tiki Zombie comic releases it’s first CD. It’s FAN-TIKI-TASTIC! Facebook Event Here.
6/12/15: Cheap Thrills at Red Light Cafe, hosted by Sadie Hawkins. Facebook Event here!
6/20/15 & 6/22/15: Sexpelliarmus! A Whimsical Wizarding Burlesque Revue at the Shakespeare Tavern. Facebook Event here!
4/3/15: Effie’s Club Follies perform at Frolicon!  in Atlanta, GA at 8pm
4/17/15: Last Pasties Standing at Red Light Cafe  at 8pm
4/18/15: Boybutante Ball at 40 Watt Club in Athens, GA
2/13/15: Secret City’s Lonely Hearts Beta, 10pm
1/17/15: Effies’ Club Follies Nightmares and Dreamscapes (10 year anniversary)

Burlesque shows proceed back to 2012. Some information is missing.