Have you guys heard Jason Derulo’s “Wiggle?” Most people have. It’s not the most amazing song, but I’ve used it for warm-ups in classes just because it’s got a soft rhythmic beat, is about booty-wiggling, and is easy to come up with an easy combination to that using it during class time (or at home) is easy and fun.

I mean, it’s a song about butts. That’s hilarious. I love butts.

So I did a routine to “Wiggle” for Secret Citys Burlesque Beta a couple of months ago. It was spur of the moment—really, honestly, it was because I had an amazing outfit that I had purchased from Coquetry Clothing and it would’ve been AWFUL if I didn’t show it off when given the opportunity. Spur of the moment, had some badass gear to show off. The Beta was coming up and I was performing already with Daisy YaDare Me, Molly Moonlight, and Callsign Charlie in Ke$ha’s “Take It Off” (we did a workshop featuring the choreography on it a month before).

So it was easy.

I did have a SLIGHT problem with the whole still-severely-sprained-ankle I had from a few weeks prior. I mean, I still had to chug the ibuprofen to keep the swelling and pain under control, and I couldn’t perform in heels, but ya know! Whatever. No pain no gain, I guess? I did the whole show barefoot.

I was hoping to share some video with you of my bouncing ass, but Matt Hardy’s amazing shots I think give you enough of a teaser. So please enjoy Matt Hardy’s awesome shots. And then call him up and ask for your own professional shots (it’s worth it, I swear). He was also the guy who did the action shots for the Cheap Thrills show last month, if you haven’t seen those yet.