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Looking for a class to be taught in your area? Here is what I have to offer. Classes can run from 1 – 2 hours. All classes are creatively interactive and movement-based with room for discussion and questions. Looking forward to bringing this to your area!



Sexy Robot Dance Moves

This class introduces and emphasizes the importance of muscle control by going through the various stages of being a robot. Discussing character concept will be approached by choosing and identifying the differences between types of robots; how this choice affects movement and in what ways; and how one can utilize this in their routine. All students will be given handouts that review warm ups (Boot Up/Power On), movements, and possible combinations.

This class is open level and does not require dance experience.

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Burlesque Basics

How do you define what a “burlesque movement” is? Unlike other forms of dance, burlesque has no definite “what is” and “what isn’t.” Many burlesque performers may not even use “dance” in their pieces, but will still utilize movement.

So what in the world is a basic burlesque movement? Some say that burlesque has a lot of jazz and cabaret elements, some will pull from a classical ballet influences. Some use belly dance elements, some will use hip hop or modern.

This class reviews what are perceived to be basic burlesque movements, but will also go into detail of how you can use these movements with your own influences.

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Burlesque Combinations

Choreography can be difficult if you’re not used to it! While there are many excellent ways to approach choreography for a piece, this class reviews making combination movements and using them as a stepping stone for your completed choreography.

Be ready for fun creative exercises that should get your puzzle-piecing brain pumping!

This class is a great pair to Burlesque Basics.

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